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Senior Sound / Audio Technology Engineer


1、An integrated production engineering solutions and tender documents , the audit ;
2、the customer technical exchanges, understanding of customer technical requirements , mentoring programs ;
3、to provide customer product pre-sale , sale and technical support ;
4、familiar with the various brands in the industry , products , and provide a reference for the sales staff to develop the market ;
5、with on-site technical solving skills and ability to explain ;
6、for the sales staff to provide technical support and cooperate with debugging ;


QC control engineer


1、the establishment, building envelope and continuous improvement of quality management system, the development of product quality inspection standards, product feedback, statistical processes;
2、according to the company’s overall quality of the organization of quality control programs and work plans, responsible for the production, the total storage of Quality Supervision, Inspection and other aspects of the whole;
3、track product usage, improve quality control;
4、product certification, production license, system certification, registered auditors and assessors, quality inspection bodies and conformity assessment laboratory appraisal management;
5、to assist superiors analyze, process and resolve customer quality issues, the meet and external customer quality requirements, and continuously improve product quality and satisfaction.
6、to complete the company’s products database, CAD gallery, technical parameters table, product text descriptions;
7、to help sales staff to complete engineering and technical management tasks, responsible for sound design solutions for all projects;
8、complete other matters assigned by superiors;


Professional Audio Project Manager


1、secondary education;
2、there are sales of professional audio industry, to discuss the project more than two years of engineering experience;
3、good sales skills and negotiation skills;
4、love to sing, there are fundamental cleavage of music.

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