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Audio terminology knowledge
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Sound is everybody is familiar with the equipment, also have a lot of families, in the KTV sound effect is better. We recently and we simply learned some knowledge about audio technology. Audio terminology knowledge we overlooked. Today we take a look at a few simple audio terminology knowledge.

What sound terminology called octave?

To understand the sound before the term, we must first understand what is the frequency range.

After a study found that, we the human ear's voice frequency range of 20 hz to 20 KHZ. In order to facilitate the human a range of audio frequency range is divided into several paragraphs, each band becomes a frequency range.

You to understand the content after we then look at the related problems about the octave:

Simple terms between two frequency compared to 2 voice frequency range, a pitch for the octave, relationship between octave, namely every double frequency, pitch, add an octave.

In audio terminology today we want to introduce to you the second audio terminology knowledge that is the point of frequency division.

Look at before we let's look at the frequency of the related content, external periodic signal incentive, its frequency to pure fraction of excitation signal frequency, is called frequency division. When it comes to the frequency division, we have to give you said divider. For audio fancier divider shall be familiar with everybody.

Well, we can not say the other, let's look at the crossover point of the related content.

Crossover point refers to the frequency divider qualcomm, band pass and low pass filter, the cut-off point between the common frequency, for Hertz. Here we want to mention more is that people can see two points of high and low frequency sound is only a crossover point.

Today and audio enthusiasts to introduce the last of the low frequency sound terminology knowledge that is what time?

This sound term refers to the subwoofer, bass under generally refers to the frequency of 100 hz. Low-frequency decided the fullness of sound, make the bass long, deep, powerful, this frequency almost silent like a sense of orientation, so the location of the sound field in The Times of low frequency sound changes on the acoustic image positioning.

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